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2018 Health Goals

We start a new year with new hopes, goals and dreams. Often we start the year optimistic and ready for a change. Ever go to a gym January 2nd? There are crowds of new people hoping to achieve a different result this year. By March the crowds have dwindled to the regulars who are committed. People set goals but fail to make the necessary changes or do the required work to achieve the desired result. What happens? Life happens, side tracking us from the necessary work. We quickly forget about the health goal we set at the beginning of the year because we get busy, sick or bored. Maybe the goal was not exciting enough to motivate us to take action. Perhaps it was not important enough or we set it to make someone else happy. Here are a few tips to achieve your goals this year:

1. Set a goal that excites you. It must provoke you to take action over and over again to achieve results. Why is achieving this goal important? When you have a big why you are more likely to do the work. For example, setting a goal of "I want to lose 20 pounds" may not excite you. Restating your goal like this; I want to lose 20 pounds so I can run around and play with my kids may motivate you to workout and eat healthy. 

2. Find someone to hold you accountable to the actions you need to take to achieve success. We are more likely to do something when we are held accountable to someone else. 

3. Write down your goals daily with your why. When we are consistently reminded of what we want we can stay focused on the appropriate actions every day. Write your goals on index cards and put the index cards in places you will see them throughout the day. 

Happy 2018 - may this be your healthiest and happiest year yet!